About me - Ciara

Why I do what I do.

As like many people who work in wellbeing I was led here by my own experiences in life. Childhood traumas leading to weight issues, addiction issues, trust issues, post-natal and general depression and anxiety. Having no idea who I was - feeling lost.

My self-worth and confidence were non-existent. Following years of various types of therapy I finally found one that worked for me. It was a completely different approach to any other I had experienced.

It was about removing the power from the memories and events which had hurt me and focussing on the future I wanted. In particular the future I envisioned for my own children. I was determined to break the cycle. Become empowered and in command of my own life. Accepting I am responsible for my own future.

Since then I have been helping others to take back control. Teaching people various tools to achieve peace and joy in their life, to gain confidence and control - Empowering them. 

There's nothing like feeling the freedom and confidence to be yourself to lead you down your path to happiness and fulfilment.

These days I live an amazing life, happy and self secure. Every day I walk out of my front door into the forest with my dog and feel such gratitude to have gotten to this place. Perfectly at peace accepting I am a tortoise and loving it!

I wish this for everyone - everyone deserves to be happy and live how they choose and if I can assist people to get there I will do my utmost to do so.  Seeing the light come back on in people's eyes is the most incredible honour to be part of.


"5 star review

Highly recommend Ciara, she is warm, professional and explains hypnotherapy very well.  I did know a little about hypnotherapy but her explanations cleared up any misconceptions I had.  I sought her help as I had a significant weight increase post menopause, and had tried diets etc. but my willpower only got me so far.  I had 4 weekly sessions with Ciara over zoom, which worked really well - and listened to a short recording every day.  The sessions were effortless and relaxing, within 4 weeks I had reduced my BMI from an obese 33.5 by 4.5 points (about 31lbs over 4 weeks, reduced by 14.4lbs week 1) and now my BMI is 29.  I'm now just in the overweight category! Not bad for 4 weeks! I notice my eating habits have changed, only eating when I am actually hungry.  Thank you Ciara, I'm pretty sure I will be in the healthy weight range very soon"

Fiona Curran




"If you're lucky enough to get an appointment with Ciara take it! I did a course of online hypnotherapy sessions with Ciara and words like - powerful, amazing, extraordinary just don't do them justice.  With just a few sessions I've been able to put direction on my life and see real results. 

The level of personalisation and thought Ciara put into sessions was way above my expectations, as were the results.

5 star service"





"I had my very first past life regression session with Ciara the other day, and honestly can't recommend her enough.  Her calming and professional energy put me at ease and she explained the process and guided me through what I can only describe as an amazing, magical experience.  Ciara is very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions prior to the session, making me feel extremely relaxed and comfortable.  Ciara is a very talented lady, using her experience and knowledge to gently guide you through your past lives. I can't wait to return and explore hypnotherapy  further with Ciara. She also offers hypnotherapy to help with fears and anxiety and phobias which I am already enquiring about for my fear of spiders! Highly recommend!

Honestly Ciara you are amazing!"





"When I've been at Ciara's, I come away feeling cherished.  It is lovely to be able to trust another person with your wellbeing, knowing that you are in safe hands, that you will receive, calm, caring support and that you will leave feeling ready to ride the crest of the wave."

Caroline Champion




“Ciara has been an invaluable partner on my recent path into reconnecting into healing.  I wanted a Hypnotherapist who could help me reconnect to my feelings as this block was affecting my Counselling practice as I couldn't be fully empathetic with my clients.  She has assisted me in uncovering and discovering many of my hearts desires, by lowering its barriers and reconnecting me to the core of myself.  Her ability to listen to the specifics of my needs I felt really helped to expedite the process.  I found my time working with Ciara easy, comforting, efficient and impactful.  She possesses many creative tools so she can tailor the therapy to the clients needs. I am so grateful for finding her and look forward to our continued work together.  She is exceptional, even after our first session I noticed a definite shift and I continued to experience a better quality of life with joy and improved relational depths with clients ”

Duane Duncan 


"I saw Ciara last year after years of battling a fear of flying.  I had a trip coming up and I was so nervous I was losing sleep.  Ciara instantly put me at ease, she was so empathetic.  After a couple of sessions with Ciara I couldn't believe how at ease I was.  In changed my life in so many ways.  I have been on 3 trips abroad since and no sleepless nights beforehand, no sweat and tears at take-off!  Ciara was professional, caring and so respectful of my fear."

Gill Bookless 



"Ciara is an amazing Hypnotherapist she works intuitively and makes each session personal to you. She is very knowledgable, professional, kind and empathetic.  I have had several sessions with her including the amazing Hypnoslimmer programme - which really worked for me as it's not a diet!!Amazingly my craving for crisps and snacks stopped in 1 week!!.  I am now confident and happy with my shape and size, and will never have to look at dieting ever again!  She has also resolved my fear of driving on complex road systems which is so empowering as I can just get in the car and know I won't be anxious on any road system.  I have also had several past life sessions with her which have been absolutely incredible and mind blowing (in a good way)

I highly recommend her and trust her 100 percent.  I can't thank her enough for the life changing work she has done with me."

Tilly Gunn




"I was somewhat nervous about seeing a hypnotherapist for the first time, as it is so important  to find the right person to trust with confidential and very personal issues.  Ciara was exactly the right person.  Sessions with her were hugely helpful and she always made me feel 100% relaxed and comfortable. With her help, I finally made headway with several issues that I had struggled with for some time.

I could not recommend Ciara highly enough!"




"Although au-fait with more traditional counselling methods/therapies, I was somewhat sceptical when I first heard about EMDR therapy.  However, when Ciara explained what was involved and how I might expect to make progress I decided to try it.

I've had various issues, some stretching back to childhood and whilst talking therapies and CBT have helped, nothing has come close to the results I'm already seeing.

From the first session I was totally relaxed and felt safe and supported by Ciara.

The results are astounding.  I could never have imagined such relief so quickly.  For the first time in 36 years of taking anti-depressants I feel that a future without them is possible.  My sense of optimism has returned and I'm looking forward to the future in a way I haven't done for many years.

I'm continuing to work with her and cannot recommend her or this therapy highly enough.

Thank you Ciara; you've helped me more than you'll ever know."

Ann Doyle


 +44 7793070079

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